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About the Artist

Sawatou Mouratidou was born in Greece where she grew up and spent most of her childhood. After living in Germany for several years, she spent three years in Bellevue, Washington with her family and moved to Vienna, Austria in 2010.

In 2006 when she decided to move on and convert a passionate hobby into a one woman business, she founded her label sawatou.

The artist is fascinated by the material wool. She loves the unlimited potential of felt as a medium. Functionality of felt ranges from everyday use to unique designs. She uses the wide range and variety of design possibilities in her creations.
Quality and love for detail is visualized in her objects.

Artist Statement

Felt making is a true passion of mine. Its potential is limitless as a medium to express my creative vision. Every piece is a personal journey where I design and create everything from small felt vessels to large one-of-a-kind shawls that envelop the body in swaths of colour and fine textures to protect the wearer.

Most of my work is created using the "nuno" felting process - a Japanese felting technique that incorporates silk fabrics and wet felting to create durable textiles. Nature is my guide by my design process-colours, forms, measures, textures, and unfolds as layers of wool build upon layers of silk in a way that is very unique. The result is a study in extremes: soft silks blending with loose wool fibers to create wearable art that moves with the body as it is worn.

© by Sawatou